How do I add personalized names and numbers?


Individual names and numbers are a great way to personalize anything from team jerseys, grad wear, and more!

Below are instructions on how to do this on our designer: 


Part 1: Positioning the names and numbers on the garment

  1. Click the Names tab located on the left-hand side of the screen. 

  2. Click either the Add Names and/or Add Numbers checkbox, depending on which personalization you want to add.

  3. In order of appearance, here is an explanation of each option:

    1. Print type: This option allows you to toggle between having the name/number embroidered or printed. 

    2. Height: This option allows you to change the height of the name/number as measured in inches.

    3. Colour: This option allows you to change the colour of the name/number.

    4. Move Location To: This option allows you to change the location of the name/number.

Part 2: Adding/uploading the custom names and numbers list

  1. Once you are happy with how the name/number looks on the designer, you can proceed by clicking on Step 2: Add List.

  2. In this pop-up box, you can either add names/numbers individually or upload a CSV file with the personalizations. If you choose to upload a CSV, you can do so by following the instructions listed.

  3. Once you are done adding the names/numbers, you can proceed to place your order. The quoted price will include the cost of the names/numbers that you added on the designer. 

Note: Personalized names and numbers are reflected in our mockups and in the designer as "EXAMPLE" and "00" for reference.

View the step-by-step guide below: