Embroidery Design Tips


Embroidery is one of our most popular print methods, it is a great option for hats, jackets, polos, and sweaters. For optimal results with your embroidery design, consider these helpful tips:

Tip 1: Keep the design simple

Designs that are clear, simple, and well-defined are the best for embroidery. Designs that avoid overly intricate details and gradients often result in a more visually appealing and accurately reproduced embroidered product.

Tip 2: Product selection

Some products are better for embroidery than others. Products such as hats, polos, vests, and jackets are great products for embroidery.

Tip 3: Avoid gradients and halftones

Embroidery utilizes coloured thread, making it challenging to reproduce gradients or halftones. If your design features a gradient, Digital Film Transfer (DFT) is a more suitable printing option.

Tip 4: Consult our designer

If you are unsure if your design is able to be embroidered, please feel free to ask our customer service representatives. Our customer service representatives can help you ensure that your design comes out the best it can be. Contact our customer service representatives here.