The colour specified in my order details is not what I want printed.

If you would like a specific colour to be printed, please reach out to us by email or phone and provide us with a Pantone (PMS) colour. PMS is a universally recognized colour system that allows printers to maintain consistency between colours. 

In order to choose a Pantone colour, we recommend you to either:

  • Visit your local paint shop to choose a Pantone colour, or

  • Drop by our office to pick a colour from our Pantone book.

Note: Customers often provide us with HEX colours to be matched.

(HEX code is a hexadecimal way to represent a colour in RGB format not ink. RGB is only for Digital displays - eg. #3BBDAE is a kind of Teal Blue.) HEX colours are impossible to match accurately because the way each monitor displays colours on a screen can vary significantly from one another. Therefore, we highly recommend providing us with a Pantone colour if you want a specific colour to be printed. 

If you only have a HEX code you can convert it to Pantone here: Pantone Colour Finder

Useful Link:

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